Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Rude Truth

Today at the Mobile County Public Library, Kennedy Jane, Kallie and I attended a group presentation with people from the Mobile County Environmental Center. The presenters had wild animals to show and talk about their rehabilitation.

People were so rude and disrespectful.  I was a nervous wreck. The teacher/educator in me wanted to clear the room, especially adults. Many times in my career, I called out the adults in the room. Children follow their example. My heart ached for the presenters who begged the group to be quiet so the animals would not be afraid. A handful of children and their parents were very disruptive. But the majority of the chatter in the room came from adults talking to each other. Rude doesn't come close to describing this behavior. You are not at home. You are not in a bar.  Clearly you were smart enough to get your children to this public library program. So sit down and listen.

As usual, my sweet girls were listening. However, the children and adults sitting around them were being disrespectful and disruptive. The public does not know how to act  in public. Stay home!

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