Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Goats Milk Soap "Honey Almond"

You know that sinking feeling when you realize you have no bath soap and you used the final sliver yesterday?  Yep!  Had that feeling today. But wait! I have that bar of Goats Milk soap that was a gift. You know.  The soap you save for a special occasion. Well today was a special occasion.  And what a delight it was.  It was another first for me.  Thank you Patty for my made with love soap. You saved the day.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Challenge

It is not often that I willingly make a fool of myself and have someone video the event and put it on FB and the www for everyone to see. So know it is for a good cause...Kallie. She is the best!
The ice bucket challenge started with various celebrities to raise money for ALS,  and I understand millions of dollars has been raised. That is outstanding. It trickled down to my family and we added our favorite foundation.

For me to participate I added FIRST. http://www.firstskinfoundation.org in honor of our sweet Kallie
Join me in donating!

Cooking Class

Kennedy Jane, Kallie, Kati and I went to a cooking class at Lynn Meadows Discovery Center.  The theme of the class was Madeline. We learned how to make creeps and then we could eat what we created. We fashioned hats from paper. Beautiful hats I might add.  Then came the big surprise...we met Madeline. She was in from Paris and stopped by to sing and visit with us. We got proof in the pictures.
The delight of the girls is what makes the night so special. A night out with the girls and a night to remember.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Nice surprises

As I was looking for a particular book this morning, I came across another book. As I opened the dusty pages, I saw this card

Remembering Big Smoke


Gane... How do adults know everything?
I reply...only God knows everything.
Well...How do adults know so much?
As we pondered and discussed, Kallie exclaims!
I know how. They go through all the grades, through all the kid ages, then teenage and then grownup, and that's how they know so much.
Got to love her wisdom

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Big Smoke

On August 19, 2008, Smokey  Davis let go of the hands of friends on this side and grabbed the hand of his Lord and Savior.  Smokey was bigger than life in so many ways.  He was a thinker, a philosopher, a dreamer, a planner and Smokey had the expertise to see a dream come true.  Smokey loved the land, the stars, and the moon that God created.  Smokey loved his country.  He loved his family.  The very most important quality was his sincere interest in each of his friends. He had the gift of making everyone believe that you were his best friend.

His Southern charm and Deep South hospitality was what first attracted me to Smokey. Smokey loved to cook and he could throw a great party.  My family and friends were always welcome at the cabin.

Smokey's cabin was nestled in the woods with a beautiful view of the lake filled to the brim with bass and brim.On the big screen porch, over looking the lake, were comfy wicker rockers, and a fabulous porch swing.  From the porch you could watch long horn cattle grazing, native flowers blooming, and pine trees growing, and listen to the many country sounds of nature. The spare room was a gun room to hold the guns and ammunition that Smokey valued.  After my sister died, I came home to a beautiful memory garden for Susan. This was the place I called home and shared with Smokey.

Never a day goes by that I don't remember Smokey. We had so many good times.  Loving Smokey Davis will be a treasure I will hold in my heart forever. When I look in the night sky and see Smoke Circles I remember Smokey.  I miss you Big Smoke!

Monday, August 18, 2014


The other day I went to the  drive up ATM machine and tried 3 times to withdraw cash from my checking account. Deciding that the ATM was not functioning properly, I drove around to the walk up ATM.  I tried, with no success to withdraw money from my checking account with my credit card.  After try number 5, I realized I was using the credit card, not my debit card. No-sense.
Today, I went to meet the girls for supper. I wondered why my sunglasses wouldn't fit in the glasses case.  As I was getting out of the car, something just didn't feel right.  I didn't have on my glasses. Two pair of glasses fit very poorly into one case.  By the way, I can't see a thing without my glasses. No-sense.
Aging is such fun.  Take time to laugh at yourself. It is good for the soul.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Day time

I spent a very nice day with my dear friend Penny Smith today. Some of you may remember Penny's name in reference to my beautiful yard. That Penny.  She also is the person who stops by twice a day to feed, water and pet Winston, countless times when I am out of town. So today we saved a day just to play. We took a nice ride west on highway 90, skipping the interstate. We had a delicious lunch at a resturant that holds fond memories of Smokey and me. We broused shops in Ocean Springs, Mississippi and  visited Sheerwater Pottery.  I bought a tea cup as a souvenir.
Such a nice day time with a dear friend.

Thursday, August 14, 2014


The big girls are back in school all day. I see them most days after school. Kati's schedule is flexible so some days I have a day to myself. Other days it is just Sanders and me. Those are some sweet times spent rocking and playing with that little one. Time is a funny bedfellow. You have to adjust to the changes and find that new rhythm. Grab those days and use them up.
Got it today! Spa Day!!!

Monday, August 11, 2014

School Days

Camp Gane goes back to school.  Today was the 1st day back at school. Kennedy Jane begins 2nd grade and Kallie begins Kindergarten. Sanders is in Gane's and Grandmother Reid's  play school.
The big girls were very excited about seeing old friends and making new friends. There is always that little worry.. Will they be ok?  There is extra concern for Kallie. Will she get too hot on the playground?
If the 1st day is a good indicator, this will be a great year. Of course, we all came to school today including Aunt Ali and Sanders!
Sanders is learning and growing every day. Such a sweet baby girl.
Love them

Sunday, August 10, 2014

War Eagle

Football season is upon us.  One of my most favorite things is Auburn football.  I was destined to be an Auburn football fan. My daddy graduated from Alabama Polytechnic Institute, now Auburn Univetsity. The three of us would follow in his footsteps.
I graduated from Auburn University, worked for Auburn University and retired from Auburn University. It is in the blood. So by all means, I am an Auburn football fan.
Looking around The Box, we are ready for Auburn season.  War eagle!
No need to adjust your glasses...the pictures on the wall are always crooked!  Just is so!

Camp Gane Awards

As summer camp 2014, closes at Camp Gane, it seems awards are in order.

The High Achievement Award goes to Sanders Reid. After all, she learned to walk and talk.
In addition, The Star Burst Award goes to Sanders, because she was a break out star at Camp Gane.  Such a good camper.

The 100 Grand Award goes to Kallie Nelson.
Her smile and laugh are worth 100 Gs. Or perhaps priceless. She is a funny little camper whose smile steals hearts. Watch yours when Kallie is around. In addition, the Ms Goodbar Award goes to Kallie for being such a good friend at Camp Gane.  You can always count on Kallie.

The Sweet Tart Award goes to Kennedy Jane.
She brought such a sweet spirit to camp everyday.  She stepped up and offered a hand and went that extra mile. In addition, the Symphony Award goes to Kemnedy Jane, because she brought such good ideas to keep harmony at Camp Gane.

As you can see, the stars of Camp Gane, Sanders, Kallie and Kennedy Jane swept the awards!  Great campers.  Great summer 14 at Camp Gane.

As for me, I get the Survivor  Award.

 Tomorrow, Camp Gane goes back to school.

Kennedy Jane starts 2nd grade, and Kallie kindergarten.  Sanders continues at play school. Very exciting.


Thursday, August 7, 2014

My Dryer Rack

I have had a dryer rack for years that was poorly designed and just randomly collapsed with a rack of towels. So for years I have duct taped, wire wrapped, and ribbon tied it together. Still randomly it would collapse.

So today I purchased a replacement dryer rack.  It took me half an hour to get the old rack to collapse so I could discard it.

Why do I have a dryer rack, you might wonder?  Because my dryer is the only dryer I have ever owned. Over 40 years old and worn out.  Thus the dryer rack...to reduce the load on old dryer.

There is a lesson here....old things may be patched and tied together, but many of them are strong and working.  Although they may randomly collapse.

Somehow I see myself in that old dryer and dryer rack. Patched and tied together, but still going. Who knows how long?  Sometimes it is nice to have newer models reduce the load. Just saying...



Summer 2014, of Camp Gane has come and gone. So many memories.

As I faced the summer months, I admit I felt overwhelmed. How would I handle all 3 Grands all day long?  Could I manage with all 3?  The answer is ...yes!  God provided strength and patience.

Sanders is 14 months old and walking everywhere. She is learning new tricks everyday. She does her very best to talk. She is a precious gift from God. Today, she actually ran from me. Little stinker.

Kallie has grown-up so much and has become very self sufficient. She is a big girl now.

Kennedy Jane is changing is so many ways. She is a big help and such a kind little girl.

Summer 2014 at Camp Gane was a huge success. I suppose the person who changed the most was me. I am as happy now as I have ever been. Retirement has been a gift.

I read something the other day that struck a cord with me. While you are fretting over growing old, someone else was not granted that privilege.

Not everyone is granted the privilege of being a full time grand parent. For me it is a true gift from God. I love my 3 Grands.


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Kallie Wisdom

Kati found a new regime of lotion to try on Kallie's skin. It is really helping. We have all commented about how much it is helping.

Tonight, Kallie said that new lotion is really helping. My face looks great. If it all comes off, I will look like Kennedy Jane.

I replied: No...you will look like Kallie. Pretty girl.

Kallie exclaims, I love being special. Ichthyosis makes me very special. My skin looks great!

Got to love her, Ichthyosis and all. To love Kallie is to love all of Kallie...skin included.


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

More of Lynn Meadows

More fun pictures of Lynn Meadows Discovery Center

Field Trip to Lynn Meadows Discovery Center

Kennedy Jane, Kallie, Kati (Mom), and I had a very nice time at Lynn Meadows Discovery Center in Gulf Port today. This was on Kennedy Jane's summer wish list, so off we go. Lynn Meadows is a great place to climb, dress up, grocery shop, be a Veterinarian, and so many other exciting activities. It was a great day.
Top off my day with supper with Sanders and The Reids.