Sunday, June 26, 2016

Another 1st in the Books

Kennedy Jane played in her 1st tennis tournament, at Gulf Shores.
We loaded up very early Saturday morning, to slide in just in time for her 8:00 a.m. match.  She got off to a rough start, but everybody has to start somewhere. The learning curve is very steep. Her 2nd and 3rd match, though she lost, was a huge improvement. She said she had a blast.  That's the important part.
And she looked very cute!

Kennedy Jane has been taking tennis lessons for a little over a year.   She 1st participated in tennis clinics, and caught the tennis bug.  She loves tennis, and that makes me happy.

Starting in Apil, she started hitting with a coach.  She has improved with each lesson. It was just a few days ago, Kati and Ali we're learning to play tennis. It served them well through high school and Jr. College.  Tennis was my game many moons ago.  I suppose you could say, it runs in the family.

We had big plans to spend the rest of the day on the beach.  Another 1st!  For the first time, there was no room on the public beach.  Parking was nonexistent.  I suppose, a few other folks wanted to go to the beach.

The day was salvaged by friends over to swim with Kallie and Kennedy Jane.

Thursday, June 23, 2016


My Big girl is growing on up. Got braces today.  She was a bit anxious, but as always, she braved-up, and handled it like a pro.  In a blink, her teeth will be lined up and ready to shine for life. I'm very proud of Kennedy Jane.  She is kind, smart and very pretty, braces and all.

Today was movie day at Camp Gane.  All 3 Grands enjoyed movie and pop corn. Next up was Chick-fil-A.  Kallie and Sanders passed the afternoon away playing, while Kennedy Jane was at the orthodontist.  Baby Grand and I snuck in a long nap, while the big girls rested in their rooms.

To finish out the day, we invited the Moms, to join us for supper at the "Time".

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Kennedy Jane's Thoughts

Hi, this is Kennedy Jane. At Camp Gane we have a nickname system....mine is Big. I'm the oldest of three grands. We have another baby coming in July. We have a tight schedule here. We don't have Sanders on Mondays and Tuedays. Monday, we go to the Semmes library for summer programs at 1:30. Tuesdays, we go to Gales dance studio for a 10:00 to 4:00 dance camp for 6 weeks. Then, Wedensday, Thursday, and Friday come and we get Sanders for the rest of the week. Wedensday, is when we go to the Moore Branch Library and go to Storytime with Mr. Butch. Then, we are off to Polemans Bakery for a chicken salad sandwich and a cookie afterwards. Then, Thursday comes we go to Carmike Cinemas to see the movie that they have on. They have this program that has most popular movies, but they are old. Friday is just a lay around day. We usually go to either Sanders or our house to play for the day. Being the oldest of three grands, I have to say, it feels like a party everyday!


My sweet Kennedy Jane loves to read our blog.  As the 2 or 3 of you,who enjoy keeping up with Camp Gane, know that I have be slacking.  Kennedy Jane told me that when she gets older, she will continue with Camp Gane. Then maybe one day, her children will enjoy reading about Camp Gane.  So, I'm feeling encouraged.  I'm dusting off the rusty writing, and boldly moving forward with the Camp Gane blog.  Applause please!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Camp Gane Summer Program 2016

Summer 2016 is off and growing
Kennedy Jane is 9 years old and scheduled to play in her first tennis tournament this weekend. A full report will follow.
Kallie is now 7 years old.  She and Kennedy Jane are attending Dance Camp on Tuesdays for 6 weeks. Week 2 is in the books. Kallie rates dance camp a 10.  Kallie plans to continue in ballet classes this fall.
Sanders is now 3 years old, and is expecting a baby sister in a few weeks. We are very excited about welcoming Lawson into Camp Gane. Then there will be four.
Summer schedule is brimming with activities. Monday is library program for big girls. Sanders keeps Grandma Reid company on Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday is dance camp for big girls. Wednesday is story time and arts and crafts.  Trip to bakery rounds out Wednesday. Thursday is movie day.  Friday is open.  Lots of swimming scattered throughout the week.
Summer kick off with spa day for Kallie's birthday.  We love beach trips.  A trip to Gattlinburg for Spring Break.  All pictured below.