Day 28

Baby Grand is beginning to feel better.  Still not her sweet self, but certainly on the mend.

Kennedy Jane has the same nasty virus, and has felt rotten all day.

I hate it when the grands are sick.  I went to the store and stocked up on ice cream, Gatorade and surprises for the big girls.  Delivered the goodies, and ran a few errands for Kati.  Then I watered the flowers at the Museum.  I then made my way to Baby Grand and played with her for the afternoon, while Ali got out of the sick house for a few hours.

All everyday mundane tasks, that makes my heart feel lighter. I am very grateful for every opportunity to lighten the load on my girls, and attempt to brighten the day of the 3 Grands,
especially when they are sick.

Mundane tasks that are filled with love make for a good day, even when the day seems difficult.  Make the best of your day, by lending a loving heart.


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