Friday, July 11, 2014

New Adventure

Kennedy Jane and Kallie are going to gymnastics camp at Nassar gymnastics. On our way, I asked Kallie what she would say if someone asked her about her skin. Swinging her legs in her car seat she said with pride..this is the way God made me.

  The first day I stayed and watched for the entire time. It was raining, but I guess I wanted to make sure they were ok and having a good time.  That they did.

Today was the first solo day for them and the anxious one was Kennedy Jane. Who would guess that she would be nervous? We talked through her anxiousness and I assured her I would not be far.  She went and had a great time.

Over dinner tonight, they were telling me about their day. Kallie was very animated about telling me of the new friends she made. She says... You know Gane ..the girl with the short blonde hair. The girl said she wasn't sure about touching me but then we started playing and she held my hand. Then she said... I like you just the way you are. I asked Kallie if that hurt her feelings.  Oh no Kallie said... She is fine now!!! Love her spirit.

In a private conversation with Kennedy Jane, I asked her if she thought Kallie's feelings were hurt today. She said she told the little girl not to say anything to Kallie so her feelings wouldn't be hurt. Those two make a great team.

Each time Kallie ventures out into a new group of people she makes friends. She is a courageous little girl with tons of spunk. Kennedy Jane is such a good big sister.  She always tries to protect her little sister.  They are sweet girls.

The irony is I helped prepare Kallie for the new friends and possible questions. And Kennedy Jane is the one with anxiety over a new experience. I know Kennedy Jane gains comfort of having her little sister along. Such security with each other.



  1. Such a precious, touching story !!! So glad you are documenting the journey!!! Love you and yours!!!!!

    1. Trying new tricks and having a good time. Thank you for your encouragement. We are sensational MM.