Saturday, July 12, 2014

Don't ask!

The top 10 questions you never ask a child with Ichthyosis

1. Are you a leopard today?

2.  What happened to your face?

3.  Is your face dirty?

4.  What is wrong with your skin?

5.  Did you get a sunburn?

6.  Have you tried A.B. C. treatment?

7.  Does it hurt?

8.  Will it get better?

9.  Do you have eczema?

10.  Is it contagious?

All of these questions have been asked either to Kallie or about Kallie. Your idle curiosity is not my concern. Ichthyosis is a rare skin disorder and it is quite likely that the person asking those stupid questions will never see another child like Kallie. The next time your curiosity gets the best of you...think before you speak!
We love our rare little girl


  1. Jane, you are doing a wonderful thing for Kallie and other special, rare little girls! And not only for them, but for people like me that needed education about the rare skin disorder called Ichthyosis. I had never heard of it before and my computer doesn't even recognize the spelling. Thank you so much and keep up the GOOD work!!!

  2. The learning curve is sharpe for all of us. Before Kallie, we knew nothing about Ichthyosis. I have to keep my reactions in check to unkind comments and stares. Education and awareness are the key to acceptance of differences. My prayer is for Kallie to be the very best Kallie. Love that rare little girl. Love you MM