Monday, July 14, 2014


Do you believe fairies dance around the moss at night?  Well they do!  Kennedy Jane, Kallie and I saw them with our on eyes.   Kennedy Jane saw one move. Kallie saw one blink her eyes. I saw something shinning back... Not sure what that was. Magic I guess. The girls were very excited. Imagination is a wonderful thing. Don't give up on yours no matter what age you are! Believe in magic.  It is good for the soul. #lifeisgrandatcampgane

Fairies sequel:  today the girls discovered a fairy wing. This was their discovery. We wondered what happened to the fairy and prayed that all was well with her. This discovery can only be explained as magic.  Believe in the magic of life.



  1. I believe in fairies too!!! And in fairy dust too!!!
    The magic of life keep me young and excited!!!
    Keep believing girls!!! I'm believing and seeing with you!!!

    1. Magic brings an element of the unexpected into your life. Believe. Thank you Ms Joanie