Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My Girls and their guys

Camp Gane is a day by day story of life as Gane to three precious granddaughters. My two daughters are Moms to my 3 Grands. Kati is  Mom to Kennedy Jane and Kallie. Ali is Mom and Ryan is Daddy to Sanders. My girls and their guys are the very best. I am very proud of my family.

Shortly after Sanders was born in 2013, the girls pled their case for me to retire and become Gane full time to keep my 3 Grands. It was an offer I couldn't refuse. The timing was right for me to retire and draw early SSI benefits. I get my checks every month.  My income now is measured by smiles and love of my 3 Grands.  My 3 Grands are the Board of Directors at Camp Gane.

Life is good at Camp Gane!

Wes, Kati, Savannah (friend), Ali, Ryan,
Kennedy Jane, Kallie, Gane and Sanders

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