Sunday, July 20, 2014

Kallie's Dumb Erasers for Dumb Questions

In every situation there lies some truth. The way I react to dumb comments or questions about Kallie's skin says something about me. I can't stop the stares nor dumb questions. So how can I train myself to react differently? I will practice patience. For the ones of you who know me personally, know that is a huge challenge. Some people are just dumb. That is a fact of life. But there are far more kind and smart people in our lives. So for those dumb occasions I am going to arm myself with this response. Kallie has Ichthyosis. Ichthyosis does not have Kallie. God made her this way. How are you?

Kallie says " this is the way God made me". Kennedy Jane says "Kallie has a skin disorder and sometimes she does not like to talk about it."  We all have our language and hopefully we can be "dumb erasers". A new title.

We have business cards to hand out when Kallie enters a new group or takes part in a new activity where people may need or want an explanation.

Curiosity is defined as: a strong desire to know or learn something. As human beings, we all are curious about things we view as different or odd. Having said that, as human beings and certainly as leaders or adults, we have a responsibility to think before we speak. Perhaps through Kallie's "Dumb Erasers Club" we can offer a brief comment with a simple explanation and keep calm and teach on about Ichthyosis.

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