Monday, July 7, 2014

Sisters' Love

The big girls and I go to the public library on Tuesday. The other day at the library Kennedy Jane and Kallie were participating in a group (30-40 girls) activity. I was sitting across the room and watching them from a distance. They make me proud. Both of them are courteous and polite and engaged in the activity. When they were selected for a small group activity, I watched as Kennedy Jane made sure Kallie was in tow. Kennedy Jane had Kallie by the wrist and was making sure she had a spot and understood what to do. Sometimes I wonder why Ichthyosis  and why Kallie. Today I know that Kallie couldn't be more protected and loved. Sisters love is growing strong. I still wonder why Kallie and why Ichthyosis, but I know our rare little girl is loved and cherished and that is just good enough. Ichthyosis does not define Kallie. Love defines Kallie. #lifeisgrandatcampgane

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