Thursday, August 7, 2014

My Dryer Rack

I have had a dryer rack for years that was poorly designed and just randomly collapsed with a rack of towels. So for years I have duct taped, wire wrapped, and ribbon tied it together. Still randomly it would collapse.

So today I purchased a replacement dryer rack.  It took me half an hour to get the old rack to collapse so I could discard it.

Why do I have a dryer rack, you might wonder?  Because my dryer is the only dryer I have ever owned. Over 40 years old and worn out.  Thus the dryer reduce the load on old dryer.

There is a lesson here....old things may be patched and tied together, but many of them are strong and working.  Although they may randomly collapse.

Somehow I see myself in that old dryer and dryer rack. Patched and tied together, but still going. Who knows how long?  Sometimes it is nice to have newer models reduce the load. Just saying...


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