Sunday, August 3, 2014

Campgane Goes Tripping

I had such a nice time on my road trip. I wished a farewell to Dr. Nichols as he enters the great stage of retirement. I enjoyed visiting with former co-workers and catching up with the "goings ons" of the work world. A real treat.

The best treat was spending a few days with my BFF, Betsy.  Betsy and I are lifelong friends and have long shared endearing nicknames:  Fatfriend and Skinny... Thick and Thin. One of my favorites for me, Skimpy.  Preston, Thick's grandson calls me Skimpy. Love it. When I was in high school I was very skinny. I long since outgrew Skinny, but nicknames last a lifetime with best friends. Or at least with the two of us. So when you see Fatfriend and Skinny, or Thick and Thin, smile. Know these nicknames are filled with love and laughter.

I cherish my friendship with Thick. We have shared many laughs, often at the expense of others. We have held hands through many hardships. Distance gets in the way, but we stay in touch daily by phone and FB. A life long friendship is a treasure, and I am thankful for my friendship with my Fatfriend.

Thank you Fatfriend for my angel yard art. She looks beautiful in the garden at the box.  A great tardy birthday present.

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