Sunday, August 3, 2014

Going Home

Some say " You can't go home" and for me that is partially true. Going back to my hometown is always a bit sad because I am the last one standing. My sweet family of origin is all dead. A home visit includes a cemetery visit and placing flowers at the Trammell grave site.

I had a fantastic childhood in LaFayette, Alabama. I had the best family, Mama and Daddy, one older brother , Donnie, and one older sister, Susan.

Fred Trammell, my daddy was a great man. He died in 1967 after a valiant fight with Hodgkins Disease. Daddy taught me many life lessons in the short time we had together. Daddy was a fine Christian man who walked the Christian life. A fine example to follow.

My brother , Donald Trammell was killed in a car accident in 1988. He was great. He loved his family and Auburn football.

My sweet sister, Susan Trammell Blackstock died in 2006 after a fight with T-Cell  Lymphoma.  Susan was a saint. She had a peace that passeth all understanding. She was truly my best friend.

My beautiful Mama, Katherine Hinkle Trammell, died at age 88 in 2007. She was my rock.  She was a strong woman with a gentle spirit. Her faith was amazing. Her loving kindness touched many.

Though it is a bit sad to go home, I leave with a feeling of " All is well with my soul". My family waits for me in Heaven one day.

Love my family. I miss all of them and think of each of them every day. They are a big part of who I am.

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