Sunday, August 10, 2014

Camp Gane Awards

As summer camp 2014, closes at Camp Gane, it seems awards are in order.

The High Achievement Award goes to Sanders Reid. After all, she learned to walk and talk.
In addition, The Star Burst Award goes to Sanders, because she was a break out star at Camp Gane.  Such a good camper.

The 100 Grand Award goes to Kallie Nelson.
Her smile and laugh are worth 100 Gs. Or perhaps priceless. She is a funny little camper whose smile steals hearts. Watch yours when Kallie is around. In addition, the Ms Goodbar Award goes to Kallie for being such a good friend at Camp Gane.  You can always count on Kallie.

The Sweet Tart Award goes to Kennedy Jane.
She brought such a sweet spirit to camp everyday.  She stepped up and offered a hand and went that extra mile. In addition, the Symphony Award goes to Kemnedy Jane, because she brought such good ideas to keep harmony at Camp Gane.

As you can see, the stars of Camp Gane, Sanders, Kallie and Kennedy Jane swept the awards!  Great campers.  Great summer 14 at Camp Gane.

As for me, I get the Survivor  Award.

 Tomorrow, Camp Gane goes back to school.

Kennedy Jane starts 2nd grade, and Kallie kindergarten.  Sanders continues at play school. Very exciting.



  1. Congratulations girls on all the awards!!!! Good job!!! Especially your Jane, you deserve your Survivors Award!!! You are sensational!!!

    1. Thank you MM. #lifeisgrandatcampgane. Sensational Living