Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Kallie Wisdom

Kati found a new regime of lotion to try on Kallie's skin. It is really helping. We have all commented about how much it is helping.

Tonight, Kallie said that new lotion is really helping. My face looks great. If it all comes off, I will look like Kennedy Jane.

I replied: will look like Kallie. Pretty girl.

Kallie exclaims, I love being special. Ichthyosis makes me very special. My skin looks great!

Got to love her, Ichthyosis and all. To love Kallie is to love all of included.



  1. Yes!!! Amen!!! She is beautiful, inside and out!!!

  2. Indeed MM. Love that rare little girl. She is doing great. My prayer is for her to be the best Kallie she can be