Monday, September 1, 2014

What a Year! 10 Important Lessons I Learned from Retirement.

My generation is called Boomers.  I say that is because we are like firecrackers....Bright, colorful and loud. At least, that is the way I face each new day with my 3 Grands.

1.Everyday is a good day.  All days are equal.  There are no days on the calendar to dread, or reports to prepare. Now, there a few bad days; when the Grands are sick, or the car is in the shop, or I need to go to the grocery store and energy is depleted. The only reports due are the ones telling people what a good day we had.  I get paid and I don't go to work. As Kallie says, " All you do is play with us everyday."
Disclaimer:  I enjoyed my working years and most days were good days, but retirement is way more fun!

2.  Life through the eyes of my 3 Grands is so refreshing. A trip to the library holds much anticipation and excitement. It is not just a place to get reading material.

3. Rocking my littlest Grand is time well spent. The joy of holding a sleeping baby is immeasurable.

4. I learned to relax...really relax.

5.  I learned to enjoy the routine of watering flowers.  Stand in one spot and hold the hose-pipe.  (That is the term I grew up with. I understand hose is the proper term, but I like hose-pipe better.) My flower bed is absolutely lovely, thanks to my good friend Penny Smith who planted it for me.  I took my job of watering very seriously, and the results are amazing.

6. Time of day or night looses it's grip on you.

7. I tested my limits and won.  I can do more than even I could have imagined.  Proof.... swimming lessons after a full day with my 3 Grands.

8.  I learned to celebrate the little things, like getting all 3 Grands buckled into car seats.  These are the most important things. I don't have to wish for days gone by...I have memories to last a lifetime, for me and my 3 Grands.

9. I took time to spend with friends. Big girl getaways are the best. It takes longer for me to recover from road trips, however, each trip is worth it.

10. Camp Gane was born.  I am enjoying writing about everyday life with my 3 grands. Thank you to those who read my blog. Please keep reading.

I learned to be grateful that God shows Grace and Mercy. Grace, when God gives me what I don't deserve and Mercy, when He doesn't give me what I do deserve. My standard phrase.."Lord have Mercy" holds greater importance.  I spend more time being grateful for Grace, and enjoying my 3 Grands, who are certainly more than I deserve. I definitely ask for Mercy. I will refrain from listing the Mercy list.