Saturday, September 20, 2014

Hide and Go Seek

My spend the night company, (Kennedy Jane and Kallie), was delightful. We always have fun.
This morning we played a competitive game of Hide and Go Seek.  It amuses me at how the girls hide in the same spot where they found me, and scream in delight when I finally find them. How fortunate are we that someone always looks for us and screams with delight when they find us.  They are too cute.

During this game of Hide and Go Seek, it occurs to me there is a great life lesson.  When we think we are hiding our feelings, thoughts,or actions, they are in full sight of God.  Wonder how many times He counts to twenty, and wonders why our thoughts, feelings, or actions are still in full view?  We can't hide from ourselves, or from God. Live an authentic life.  Be true to God, yourself and your loved ones.
Love is grand.

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