Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Good Read. "Character Building Alphabet Pal"

My friend Deborah Darrington has taught kindergarten for 25+ years.  She has much to brag about with many of her students who are living very successful lives.  Deborah is the teacher you never forget.  

She has authored her first book:"Character Building Alphabet Pal". It is a must have for you and your young learner.

 "Character Building Alphabet Pal" is a parent/ caregiver activity book that introduces young children to the ABC's, pre-writing skills, early phonics, vocabulary and  character building traits, all in the name of fun. 

All 3 of my grands have this book.  Each of them love this book. 

Sanders is just eating up her copy!

Take this opportunity to get your copy.

To order go to authorhouse.com, or any bookstore on line -(Amazon etc) and place an order. Prices begin at $12.95 (sometimes lower so shop around).  eBooks sell for $3.99.
If you want a signed copy, message me... I know the Author! 
Read to your children and grandchildren. One day they will return the favor.

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