Friday, September 5, 2014

I Am Famous

"I am famous", is Kallie's takeaway from Kallie Day at St Luke's Episcopal School.  Kallie is in kindergarten and has Ichthyosis.

The school counselor took the opportunity to educate the kindergarten classes about Ichthyosis.  It is her goal to share Kallie's story throughout the elementary school.  Hopefully, with a better understanding about Ichthyosis, the children will be less likely to hurt Kallie's feelings about her skin.

The learning curve is very steep and at each new stage in Kallie's life, we take the opportunity to educate. It is my prayer that we can equip Kallie with the fortitude to fight her own battles.  All the help along that path is greatly appreciated.

A very heartfelt thank you to St Luke's Episcopal School and Mrs. Wallace, the school counselor, for Kallie Day. Kallie's take away speaks for the success of the day. "I am famous."

Kallie always has her big sister, Kennedy Jane, in her corner.  Sweet sisters.

  I love that rare little girl.

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