Saturday, September 6, 2014

A Tea Party

What a nice time with friends.  Two of my dear friends, Joan and Deborah, are up and coming authors. We got together at the Box, to talk over the excitement and anticipation of being published.  Deb has a published book and is excited about more opportunities to sell her book.  Joan has just released her book to an editor. I am quite pleased to call these two ladies my dear friend.  One day soon, their books will be on the best seller list. I can say I knew them when!

We enjoyed some cold cuts, cheese, chicken salad, lays potato chips, and a few sweet treats.  Thank Goodness for the deli at Publix. Maybe just this one time, Mama will forgive me for using paper napkins at the tea party.



  1. Jane, THANK YOU so much for my coming out party as a upcoming author! When it's published we have to have a nutty buddy party, (since I don't drink) LOL. You have been such an inspiration in this project encouraging me to get it done! Will forever be grateful! Your Mother will be proud cause the paper napkins where pretty with pink poka dots !!!! Love you !!! PS You are a SENSATIONAL blogette and soon coming author !!! :)

  2. Writing a book and sending it off to the publisher is quite an accomplishment. I am very proud for you. The Tea Party is a drip in a bucket of sensational celebrations to come. You are living life the Sensational Way. Proud to be your friend. I will smile along the way as you soar to the top of the Best Selling List. Go MM