Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Pot of Soup

A pot of soup cooking on my stove is an extremely uncommon occurrence. I seldom cook, and soup is certainly not my speciality.

I was inspired by a friend to try lentils.  To my knowledge, I have never eaten lentils.  I didn't even know what they looked like.  This friend changed her diet to exclude all meats and sugars.  She looks amazing and is extremely healthy these days.  She eats a lot of lentils.

Not sure my lentil soup passed the healthy test.  It didn't exclude meats. Oh lentil soup has Conecuh sausage and chicken broth.  It also included rotel, which adds the hot and spicy flavor.  I like hot and spicy.

It was actually very good, which is a really good thing.  There is enough lentil soup to feed the ten thousands.  I am 999 thousand short of the ten thousands.

It may not pass the meatless test, but it does pass the first time test.  Try something new.  There are many new things, even if you are a 'Boomer".

Can you think of something new to try.  Try hard, even when it is hard to try.  Who knew about lentils!

Add cornbread muffins compliments of Cracker Barrell and I am all set.  


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