Sunday, October 5, 2014

Kati's birthday

36 years ago today, I met Kati.  It was  a very emotional day, to say the least.  Kati was delivered by C Section, and I thought I would die....But I didn't.  Every step of the way, I have enjoyed Kati.

Each stage has its challenges and rewards (yes that includes now). Too all the young Mom's out there, I know some days and nights seem to last forever.  The crabby baby that seems to take over your very last nerve, is for real.  I had those days too.  Those days do seem to last way too long, but the years fly by.  Enjoy the little things, because one day soon, you will be celebrating your daughter's 36th birthday.  I know that seems impossible, but time has a way of gliding by.

To Kati, I wish you a very happy birthday.  Here's to many more.

Love you Kati.... Ma!

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