Thursday, October 23, 2014

Grand Day

It was another stellar day at Camp Gane.

Ribbon cutting at the South Alabama Agriculture and Forestry Museum was held today. It was a grand affair.  I managed to slide in from a doctor's appointment as it was wrapping up.  However, my daughters were there and got a video that I can watch over and over.  A very proud day.  Baby Grand was there and had a grand time driving a tractor.  I am pictured with Mrs. Bea Williams, the wife of the late Milton Williams. Milton was remembered today for his passion for the agricultural community. Thank a farmer today .

On another note, today was teacher conference for the other 2 Grands. Kallie's (kindergarten) lowest score was 95 and Kennedy Jane's lowest score was 98. So very proud of these two smart pretty big girls. They celebrated with supper and a large bowl of yummy desert.

I love my 3 Grands.

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