Wednesday, October 8, 2014


CLO. Chief Life Officer.
Director of Camp Gane
The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is the highest ranking executive manager in a corporation or organization. The CEO has responsibility for the overall success of an entire organization. The CEO has the ultimate authority to make final decisions for an organization.

The CEO has overall responsibility for creating, planning, implementing, and integrating the strategic direction of an organization. This includes responsibility for all components and departments of a bsuiness. The CEO makes certain that the organization's leadership maintains constant awareness of both the external and internal competitive landscape, opportunities for expansion, customers, markets, new industry developments and standards, and so forth.

So what is CLO...Chief Life Officer?  That would be you and me. We are our very own CLO and it is up to each of us as to how we carry out all the responsibilities of a CEO of our life.

 For me I am CLO of Camp Gane.  I am the highest ranking officer of Camp Gane. My Board of Directors, are  Kennedy Jane (7),  Kallie (5), and Sanders (16 months).  The primary investors are Kati,( Mom of Kennedy Jane and Kallie), and  Ali and Ryan ( Mom and Dad of Sanders).  They have the authority to fire me. They won't do that.  I have a lifetime contract.

This week, my duties include overnight responsibilities for Kennedy Jane and Kallie, while their Mom takes a vacation.  We got up and off to school today without a hitch. I have time to recover while the girls are at school. At 2:30 I will be in carpool line and ready to start my next shift.  These girls are so sweet, and we have such a good time.

Sanders is with her Mama today.

What kind of CLO are you?  Plan and live your life to the fullest. Go and do great things. Make the rest of your life the best of your life.


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