Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Kennedy Jane's Thoughts

Hi, this is Kennedy Jane. At Camp Gane we have a nickname system....mine is Big. I'm the oldest of three grands. We have another baby coming in July. We have a tight schedule here. We don't have Sanders on Mondays and Tuedays. Monday, we go to the Semmes library for summer programs at 1:30. Tuesdays, we go to Gales dance studio for a 10:00 to 4:00 dance camp for 6 weeks. Then, Wedensday, Thursday, and Friday come and we get Sanders for the rest of the week. Wedensday, is when we go to the Moore Branch Library and go to Storytime with Mr. Butch. Then, we are off to Polemans Bakery for a chicken salad sandwich and a cookie afterwards. Then, Thursday comes we go to Carmike Cinemas to see the movie that they have on. They have this program that has most popular movies, but they are old. Friday is just a lay around day. We usually go to either Sanders or our house to play for the day. Being the oldest of three grands, I have to say, it feels like a party everyday!

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