Sunday, July 9, 2017

Lawsie's  1st Year
Lawson's first year has gone by in a flash.  So many happy moments, engraved in the memory banks forever.  This sweet little baby has added more joy to our lives, than we possibly could have imagined.  She may be the CABOOSE, but she is not to be left behind.  You might say, Lawson is in charge.  
Sister's love begins and lasts forever
Sanders (3) Lawson (brand new)

 Sanders is making sure the nurse does everything right.

Christening Day.  the day Lawson was dedicated to God.  A very special day.
Celebrating Sanders' 4th birthday at the Grand Hotel.  We had a Grand time indeed.

A little nap poolside at the Grand Hotel

Lawson loves the water.  Splashing around at the Splash pad.  Oh so fun!
Because this basket is in her way.  Maybe if I stretch, I can reach it!

Because I'm getting so big.

Lawsie is 1!!

Lawson is the 4th Granddaughter pictured with the chair from my old farm house

These two make my heart smile

Lawson is ONE

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