Thursday, July 12, 2018

Build-a-bear pay your age day

At Build-a-Bear, they have a national pay your age day. Whatever bear you want, for YOUR exact age. Stay tuned for more updates!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018


Hey, we are back and to catch you up on the past year that you have missed, as of 2018 Lawson is 2, Sanders is 5, Kallie is 9, and I( Kennedy Jane), am 11. I am the new author!!!! I will be posting as much as possible. Anyway, back to filling you in. Kennedy Jane got her braces off in June. Instead of 9 months it was 2 years. She will get them back on in June of 2019. We will start posting every time we have a big event. Once school starts again, Sanders will be in kindergarten, Kallie will be in the 4th grade, and Kennedy Jane will be in middle school/6th grade, and on the upper campus!!! The other events that have happened are a trip to New York City, NY, the beach, the Grand Hotel, and numerous Sunday Fundays. Most Wedensdays we go to the library to listen to a Storytime and do a craft based on the story. Now you are all caught up on Camp Gane. Stay tuned for new updates on Camp Gane.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Lawsie's  1st Year
Lawson's first year has gone by in a flash.  So many happy moments, engraved in the memory banks forever.  This sweet little baby has added more joy to our lives, than we possibly could have imagined.  She may be the CABOOSE, but she is not to be left behind.  You might say, Lawson is in charge.  
Sister's love begins and lasts forever
Sanders (3) Lawson (brand new)

 Sanders is making sure the nurse does everything right.

Christening Day.  the day Lawson was dedicated to God.  A very special day.
Celebrating Sanders' 4th birthday at the Grand Hotel.  We had a Grand time indeed.

A little nap poolside at the Grand Hotel

Lawson loves the water.  Splashing around at the Splash pad.  Oh so fun!
Because this basket is in her way.  Maybe if I stretch, I can reach it!

Because I'm getting so big.

Lawsie is 1!!

Lawson is the 4th Granddaughter pictured with the chair from my old farm house

These two make my heart smile

Lawson is ONE

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Now There Are Four

Camp Gane is growing on up. Kennedy Jane enjoys tennis.  Kallie loves being pampered.  Sanders sometimes poses.  Lawson is snugly and oh so sweet. Who knew 4 was the magic number of Camp Gane Board of Directors?
My lap and heart overflows with sheer pleasure.
#myfourgrands. #lifeisgrandatcampgane

Sunday, July 17, 2016

It's a Wrap

Kennedy Jane and Kallie demonstrated some of what they learned at Dance Camp, at Gayle' Studio of Dance. They had a great time.
The Gang was all there to watch their performance. Lawson made her debut at the dance performance at the age of 3 weeks. She slept the entire time. Good for her.
Sanders loved seeing the "Big Girls" dance, but was a bit dissatisfied that she couldn't join them and show off her moves. After all she is Big now....3 years old.
Congratulations to "The Big Girls".  Kallie plans to continue dance this fall. She chooses ballet.
#lovemy4grands. #lifeisgrandatcampgane

Keeping Up With the Reids

Help me welcome Lawson Ryann Reid to Camp Gane.  She now serves as a full member of the Board of Directors of Camp Gane. We couldn't be more excited and proud of the newest member.
Sanders makes the greatest big sister, and now joins ranks with the Big Girls, Kennedy Jane and Kallie.  Sanders points out that she is not a baby. She will forever be my Baby Grand. Lawson is the caboose.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Another 1st in the Books

Kennedy Jane played in her 1st tennis tournament, at Gulf Shores.
We loaded up very early Saturday morning, to slide in just in time for her 8:00 a.m. match.  She got off to a rough start, but everybody has to start somewhere. The learning curve is very steep. Her 2nd and 3rd match, though she lost, was a huge improvement. She said she had a blast.  That's the important part.
And she looked very cute!

Kennedy Jane has been taking tennis lessons for a little over a year.   She 1st participated in tennis clinics, and caught the tennis bug.  She loves tennis, and that makes me happy.

Starting in Apil, she started hitting with a coach.  She has improved with each lesson. It was just a few days ago, Kati and Ali we're learning to play tennis. It served them well through high school and Jr. College.  Tennis was my game many moons ago.  I suppose you could say, it runs in the family.

We had big plans to spend the rest of the day on the beach.  Another 1st!  For the first time, there was no room on the public beach.  Parking was nonexistent.  I suppose, a few other folks wanted to go to the beach.

The day was salvaged by friends over to swim with Kallie and Kennedy Jane.